Airedale and Wharfedale Gala 4 2022

Gala 4  2nd July 2022     Closing Date 18th June 2022

Schedule - download pdf copy

 1. Girls 9/10yrs 1L Butterfly

 2. Boys 9/10yrs 1L Butterfly

 3. Girls 15yrs/Over 4L Backstroke

 4. Boys 15yrs/Over 4L Backstroke 

 5. Girls 11/12yrs 2L Freestyle

 6. Boys 11/12yrs 2L Freestyle

 7. Girls 13/14yrs 4x2 Individual Medley

 8. Boys 13/14yrs 4x2 Individual Medley 

 9. Ladies’ Open 2L Breaststroke

10. Men’s Open 2L Breaststroke

11. Girls 11/12yrs 4x2 Freestyle Team

12. Boys 11/12yrs 4x2 Freestyle Team

13. Ladies’ Open 4x2 Medley Team

14. Men’s Open 4x2 Medley Team

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 Teams will be picked by Aireborough Swimming Club. 


Saturday, 02 July 2022 - 18:00
Aireborough Leisure Center
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