Joining Aireborough Swimming Club

Aireborough swimming club is run by volunteers and it runs on two nights a week- Tuesday and Thursday.

Times as follows:


Large pool Session 1

  Lane 1-4 Juniors (20:15 - 21:15)

  Lane 5 Adults (20:15 - 21:15)     


Large Pool Session 1

    Lane 1 Juniors (19.15 - 19.55)

    Lane 2-5 Juniors (19.15 - 20.15)

Large pool Session 2

   Lane 1 Juniors (19.55 - 20.35)

   Lane 2-4 Juniors (20.15 - 21.15)

   Lane 5 Adults (20.15 - 21.15)

Large Pool Session 3

   Lane 1 Adults (20.35 - 21.15)


If your child can manage at least 20 lengths with rests at the end of every 2 lengths (please read this carefully - It does not mean 20 metres) and swim  3 of the 4 main strokes they can come down on a club night and have a trial. We can then decide which lane is suitable for them and dependent on which night and time you want them to swim, whether there is room or they have to go on the waiting list.

If you would like to bring your child  down for a  trial  on a Tuesday or Thursday, ask a member of the coaching team (yellow shirt) when you arrive and they will ask you to fill in a temporary membership form. Your child then gets changed and  brings the form onto the poolside. If they tell anyone with a yellow top on that they have come for a trial they will pass them to on to the right person.  We ask them to come for a trial so we can ascertain which group they would be best suited for and then see if there is room or they have to go on the waiting list.

You can always come down on a club night and watch from the poolside so you can see the way we operate and whether you think it would meet your child's needs.