A & W Mixed Teams Gala 2023

14th October 2023
Entry Close – 29th September 2023
All events to be swum Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl

Schedule - Download here

Please note that Teams for this Gala will be picked by the Gala Committee.

1. 8/9yrs 4x1 Freestyle Team

  2. 10&u 4x1 Freestyle Team

  3. 11&u 4x1 Freestyle Team

  4. 8/9yrs 4x1 Breaststroke Team

  5. 10&u 4x1 Breaststroke Team

  6. 11&u 4x1 Breaststroke Team

  7. 8/9yrs 4x1 Medley Team

  8. 10&u 4x1 Medley Team

  9. 11&u 4x1 Medley Team

10. 8/9yrs 4x1 Backstroke Team

11. 10&u 4x1 Backstroke Team

12. 11&u 4x1 Backstroke Team

13. 6x1 Freestyle Cannon (Boy/Girl from each age group)

Saturday, 14 October 2023 - 18:00
Aireborough Leisure Centre